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The James A Masterson Foundation was founded in loving memory of my brother Jim who passed away suddenly in November of 2008. Jim was always a great inspiration in my life; he showed through example how to live a compassionate life that was dedicated to the service of others. Jim always strived to make everyone feel special and important.

This is the goal of the James A Masterson Foundation. To help the poor and victims of crisis. My vision is to continue the work Jim started and to keep his memory alive by showing compassion to those in need.

Thank you - Tim Masterson

Current Projects

All proceeds toward this years fundraiser will go toward our next filter purchase for our mission in 2016. Our goal is to raise $20,000 this year to better help the poor.

Here's some pictures during our last mission in June 2015, we traveled through the Amazon jungle in Peru, Medellin, Barranquilla, Santa Marta all inside Colombia. We distributed 150 water filters and provided over 10,000 people with fresh clean drinking water.

Check out our recent video on how these filters work

At this time I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in the past and I look forward to your continued support for this important and life giving project. The sooner we can purchase the filters the sooner we will be able to plan our trip to Asia. I would also appreciate if all of you could tell a friend about our work and ask them to purchase a filter. I am looking for some corporate sponsors to help fund our travel expenses. Please e-mail me with any contact information.

Smile Train

Our next goal is to to fund 30 Cleft Palate operations. Each operation costs $250; this is one of the most cost effective ways to impact a Childs life. 

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